The free-piston principle is an established and proven engine technology. Beetron has incorporated this successful heritage with state-of-the-art technologies and 21st-century know-how. Over the past decade, the team has been working on the free-piston engine in cooperation with the Technical University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northern Switzerland (FHNW). Beetron SA is also continuously building up know-how in the free-piston technology and intends to file for several patents based on its optimizations and improvements.



  • Our Free Piston Generator converts fuel (hydrogen, solar synthesis gas, natural gas, biogas, diesel, gasoline, ethanol)  highly efficient to power. 

  • It is the most compact system to combine a combustion engine with a generator, consisting of two opposed pistons, oscillating in a cylinder without a crankshaft.

  • Electric current is induced in the surrounding copper windings by moving magnets.

  • ​Unchained from its strictly sinusoidal stroke, a faster piston acceleration is the key to a substantially higher efficiency - combining ultra high compression ratio, less heat loss, and less friction.