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Cooperation with Smartflyer

January 2024: 


Beetron SA and smartflyer AG are announcing their cooperation to develop and commercialize range extender solutions for aerospace. Beetron SA is perfectly suited for demanding airborne environments and addresses several of smartflyer's current challenges.
Its unique free-piston technology offers:
- Extremely high efficiency .
- Reliability even during adverse environmental conditions.
- Multifuel capability, including kerosine.

Learn more about
Smartflyer's electrical aircraft

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Team: Team

Cooperation with RUAG 

December 2023: 


We are thrilled to formally announce our cooperation with RUAG!
During last week's RUAG Innovation Forum, both parties have signed an agreement to jointly develop and commercialize multi-fuel energy solutions for security and defense applications.

For RUAG's applications, Beetron enables the use of multiple fuels as well as use in more demanding operating environments (temperature, power requirements, handling).


Data of the Beetron 100 kW Model B1:

Dimensions:                      880 x 630 x 500 mm
Weight of system:            ca. 110 kg

Frequency:                        30-40 Hz

Efficiency fuel to power:  > 50%

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